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On this page of this site " Astrology for the New Age, Prophecies of the Future", there are some photos of Concord, Massachusetts, in 2003.
This page continues the places to visit discussion of this site, where mystical, New Age, religious, sacred, and other places of interest are discussed and there are photos.
I think Concord is a positive energy vortex, a positive energy sacred site. So much that is positive has come from Concord: the American Revolution, and writers such as Thoreau. A famous natural site in Concord is Walden Pond, which is a state park, and I think it is a positive energy vortex, and a great place to visit. You can walk around the pond, which is about a two mile walk. It is shown in two photos below (Photos by T. Chase):


Below: a scary gravestone in Concord, Mass. The inscription refers to a "King of Terror".
The inscription: "All must submit to the King of Terrors". "Here rests in Hope the Body of John Cuming Esq. Obt July 3d 1788 AE 60."

The graveyard of this gravestone:

Ducks in the river in Concord:

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