Places to Visit: The National Cathedral and other places in Washington D.C.

On the places to visit page I discuss some recommended places to visit, relevant to the New Age/Bible Prophecy ideas, and New Age Geography and Geographical Coordinates ideas, expressed on this Revelation 13 web site.

If you travel to Washington D.C., be sure to visit the National Cathedral. It is run by the Episcopalian Church, which is appropriate because they are in a middle ground between Catholic and Protestant. But they have made this a truly American church open to all faiths, they are the caretakers of what is meant to be a truly National Cathedral. Some branches of American Christianity appear to be very open to the idea of a universal religion and respect for other faiths, particularly the Episcopalians and the Universalist/Unitarians. The National Cathedral is one of the 10 largest Cathedrals in the world. Some photos from my visit to it in December 2002:


At the Museum of National Museum of Natural History, be sure to see:

Above: The Hope Diamond: this would relate to the U.S. being the Hope of the world

Above: in the meteor section -- these meteor fragments are from the major Sikhote-Alin meteor strike in Russia, and the Wolf Creek ancient meteor crater in Australia. See my page on asteroids.

Above: the giant squid that washed ashore in Plum Island Massachusetts in 1980.

Washington D.C. Union Station, a train station and shopping center. Its shopping mall is worth a visit. Relate "union" to "Alpha" or "one" in "Alpha and Omega", symbol of Christ.

The Watergate Hotel and Apartment Complex, infamous during the Nixon era. The Nixon era was an era of change for the U.S., a "gate" in U.S. history.

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