Places to Visit - Gettysburg, PA - and some Ghost Photos

On this page of this site " Astrology for the New Age, Prophecies of the Future", there are some 2014 photos I took at Gettysburg, PA Also shown below are spirit and ghostlike phenomena seen in some of these photos, often as strange orbs or spheres of energy. I think Gettysburg has a strong positive energy, since this country was saved there in July 1-3 1863 in the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg. Photos by T. Chase.

Above: a rainbow seen over Gettysburg

Above: the view from Little Round Top Hill, a strategic hill held by Union troops. One of the stories from the battle at Little Round Top, was that at the critical time of the battle when 20th Maine was about to be overrun by Southern soldiers climbing the hill, a ghostly man on horseback appeared who looked like George Washington, and spurred on 20th Maine in their famous charge, and so terrified the Southern soldiers that 400 of them surrendered to 20th Maine, saving the day for the North. Both Northern and Southern soldiers said it was George Washington on horseback that they saw. The Southern soldiers being religious people, perhaps they thought it was the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse Death, and that was why they were terrified into surrendering. Did George Washington come back from the dead then to preserve the Union?

Above: the view from Cemetary Ridge, where Pickett's Charge was defeated by Union troops

Above: at a stream in Gettysburg, this ghost-like haze that may be ghosts, and also this ball of light may be a ghost. Soldiers went to this stream for water on the hot July days of July 1-3 1863.

Above: orbs that may be ghosts near a cannon on Cemetary Hill

video on ghost photos at Gettysburg

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