The English King James version Bible code - Part 1k - Brexit UK leaving the EU

The King James version "Bible Code" is a way of looking for hidden prophecies and passages in the King James Bible, by using a software program to search for messages in the Bible's text. The spaces between words are eliminated, so that the Old and New Testament are a continuous block of letters. Then, by skipping letters at a programmed interval, the program searches for words. There appear to be patterns to the passages where the words are found, and what words are clustered together. And on this site I show that the Bible Code also works in English in the King James Bible.

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June 23 2016. England (U.K.) Brexit vote to leave the EU. This Britain UK vote on BREXIT, England leaving the Europe Economic Union, resulted in stock market and economic and political chaos in Europe. Could relate to Saturn in Astrology sign Sagittarius, so economy chaos and recession through 2016 and into 2017, the Third Horseman economic disaster riding. I ran the King James version Bible Code on this, usings search words Brexit and London, and got this matrix of interest at Old Testament 2 Samuel 15:22 to 1 Chronicles 2:55, that includes 2 Kings 5:5 (King James version): "And he departed, and took with him ten talents of silver, and six thousand pieces of gold,". Also in this matrix: the nations, the country. So this matrix seems to relate to Brexit.

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