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On this page of this site " Astrology, Bible Prophecy and the Book of Revelation, King James version English Bible Code, Prophecies of the Future", there are some photos I took at High Rock in Lynn, Massachusetts. This page continues the places to visit discussion of this site, where mystical, New Age, religious, and other places of interest are discussed and there are photos. It is likely that High Rock is an energy vortex, a place of spiritual energy. And it could quite possibly be a place of healing energy.

The significance of High Rock as a mystical place relates to an event I read about in Fortean Times magazine, May 2002 issue, "The God Machine" by Robert Damon Schneck. In 1853-1854 on High Rock in Lynn, the highest spot in the area where you can see to Boston and beyond, there was assembled a religious group led by John Murray Spear, who built a mechanical device they believed was the New Motive Power, a Messiah machine. Spear received spiritual guidance and messages about this on High Rock from spirits he called the "Band of Electricizers". This New Motive Power Spear believed would establish a new ideal society on earth. This mechanical device, built by Spear under the guidance of the spirits, they believed would bring about the birth of a Messiah and a New Era starting in 1854. They started building this contraption out of mechanical and electrical parts in October 1853. Not much happened then, obviously.

Today there is a city park at High Rock, with a tower on it. At that time (1853-1854) Lynn was prosperous from shoe manufacturing. Today it is a working class city. The first U.S. jet engines were built in Lynn in 1942. So there was a major type of mechanical engine built in Lynn, jet engines, that are a New Motive Power, for powering airplanes, so in that sense Spear's belief in a New Motive Power did come true in Lynn.
The timing of events could be a clue to our time: 29 June 1854 the machine supposedly moved, as the pregnant woman who was the New Mary was with it on High Rock, so 150 years later was June 29 2004, when the Cassini spacecraft reached Saturn. See this page section on the significance of Cassini reaching Saturn for the world, as a holographic parallel to events on earth.
Also note that there was a rare astrology pattern on June 29 1854, the day the machine in Lynn supposedly moved, a Grand Earth Trine of planets in a 120 degree shift triangular pattern. 3 days before that the trine was more exact, on June 26 1854, with Mars at 23 Virgo, Venus at 24 Taurus, and Jupiter at 24 Capricorn; so three major planets were all at almost the same exact degree in the three earth signs, multiplying the earth energy. Also note that on June 26 1854, Pluto at 3 Taurus, Uranus at 15 Taurus, Chiron at 19 Capricorn, were close to the trine and added to the trine energy.

Above: Astrology chart for June 29 1854

And note the name High Rock, bringing to mind the statement of Christ to Peter in Matthew 16:18 (King James version):
"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Also, note that Route 129 and Route 107 are roads that go through Lynn, if you consider the corresponding Book of Revelation passages:

Revelation 12:9
"And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."

Revelation 10:7
"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets."

Also of interest in the history of High Rock, and Spear, that indicate that High Rock is a place of spiritual energy:
-- The Hutchinson family owned the High Rock area beginning in the 1840s. The Hutchinson Family Singers were a nationally known singing group of four during the Civil War and after, who performed for the Union soldiers. The Hutchinsons were active in the Women's Rights movement, and also were active in the "World Peace Union" religious and world peace movement. Hutchinson built a tower on High Rock that burnt down in 1865. Eventually Hutchinson gave the High Rock area in 1904 to the city of Lynn, to have an observation tower built on it.
-- Before colonial times, High Rock was the home of a Pawtucket Indian Chief.
-- A psychic named Moll Pitcher lived on Essex Street next to High Rock, until she died in 1813. The great American poet John Greenleaf Whittier wrote a poem about her in 1831, "Moll Pitcher". Whittier's poem describes her as evil.
-- John Murray Spear was born in 1804, and became a Universalist Church minister. He was also active in the movement to end slavery. In 1852 Spear was receiving spirit messages, recruiting people to spiritualist associations, and was supposedly healing people by touch. Spear believed he was relaying messages from a "Congess of Spirits" that included Benjamin Frankin and Thomas Jefferson. Spear left the Universalist church and started advocating free love in society in 1857. Spear died in Oct. 1887, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Some photos at High Rock (by T. Chase):

Above: the tower on High Rock, and a closeup of the sign on it.

Above: rocky formation on High Rock

Above: from the top of High Rock, looking towards industry in Lynn, and beyond that you can see Boston.

Above: from the top of High Rock, looking out towards the ocean, and the peninsula you see is Nahant.

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