Maine: Places to Visit: Kennebunkport and Ogunquit

Two very beautiful places to visit on the Maine coastline: Ogunquit and Kennebunkport. In particular, Kennebunkport is of interest to our discussion of prophecies in this Revelation 13 site, where former President Bush has a summer residence in Kennebunkport at Walker Point. Note that in Kennebunkport there is also Lords Point, an indication that President Bush was meant to lead our country through these dangerous times following September 11, by divine intervention. It was divine intervention that resulted in a submarine picking up Former President Bush after his Navy fighter plane had ditched into the ocean during World War 2, because his destiny was to one day be President. President Bush being named George I would relate to the legend of St. George, a Christian Knight who battled against a dragon in Libya, and was the patron saint of England; in a similar way, President Bush is battling the very scary dragon of terrorism.
Also note that President Bush is referred to as W, and the letter W had its origins in the Hebrew letter Vav, and in the mystical school of the Kabbalah Vav is connected with divine intervention by God in the affairs of man, a linking of God's divine energy to earth. This agrees with the idea that President Bush is divinely inspired to lead the U.S. to victory in the War against Terrorism. Also note that "W" is similar to the small letter for "Omega" in Greek, and note that in Revelation 1 Christ is called "Alpha and Omega"; this also indicates that President Bush is divinely inspired to lead the U.S.. Some families have produced several heroes in American history: the Roosevelts, the Kennedys, and the Bushs. Note that both John F. Kennedy and George Bush were war heroes in the World War 2 battles in the Pacific against the Japanese.

Above: the coastline in Kennebunkport

Above: Lords Point in Kennebunkport

Above: Walker Point in Kennebunkport


Above: the very beautiful Ogunquit coastline. Ogunquit has one of the best walking trails in New England, that is a scenic walking trail along the ocean.

other Maine photos

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