The O. J. Simpson Trials -- An Astrology, New Age, King James version English Bible Code Analysis

There appears to be a pattern where odd events are tied to events in the O. J. murder case, the criminal and civil trials in Los Angeles, and the 2008 Las Vegas Armed Robbery Trial and conviction. For example a bad fire season started near Los Angeles as the civil case began in 1996. Also, a small meteor landed in Southern California at the beginning of October 1996, as the civil trial was beginning; it had entered the atmosphere over New Mexico, then it bounced out of the atmosphere, circled the earth, and reentered the atmosphere and exploded in Southern California. The date of this meteor, October 3, was exactly 1 year from the O. J. murder trial not guilty verdict. And Oct. 3 2008, exactly 13 years after the OJ Not Guilty verdict, O.J. was found guilty in Las Vegas of armed robbery. Interesting that this was the day of passage of the bailout bill for the financial crisis in the U.S.. Note that corresponding to 13, Revelation 13 is about the Antichrist. Also OJ was released fromprison in Las Vegas on October 1 2017, 9 years later.

Next consider these events:
(1) There was a meteor that landed in St. Robert, Quebec, 60 miles northeast of Montreal, on Tuesday night, June 14, 1994. This was 2 days after the murder of Nicole took place. This was a very unusual and significant meteor.
(2) There was at the end of August 1995, a meteor fireball was seen over the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. This occurred as Judge Ito reached a decision on the tapes.
(3) November 22, 1996. O. J. testified in the civil case, and a bright fireball meteor was seen in Honduras, Central America. It may have struck a mountain in Honduras, where a large landslide occurred on that day.
(4) June 3, 2004. A bright meteor fireball was seen in the Northwest U.S. sky, the day before O.J.'s interview was seen on T.V. on June 4 2004.
(5) The only other known case of a meteor starting to enter earth's atmosphere and bouncing out was on August 11, 1972, when a very bright meteor was sighted over Colorado and Montana, but it this case it did not reenter the atmosphere, but continued on in space. The O. J. association in this case, was at that time O. J.'s professional football career was starting to take off .
(6) May-July 2006. A close approach of an asteroid to earth on July 3, 2006, and in May 2006 a comet 73P was seen that had fractured into many pieces, passing about 6 million miles from earth. O.J. event at that time: O.J. has a TV Program called "Juiced" with humorous stuff on it.
(7) September 16, 2007. O.J. was arrested in Las Vegas Nevada for alleged involvement in an armed robbery, allegedly of sports memorabilia. O.J. allegedly claimed this was a "sting" operation he set up to recover sports items that actually in his opinion allegedly should belong to him. Allegedly O.J. and others attempted to take from sports items collectors these items. This allegedly occurred at the Palace Station casino-hotel. There were armed robbery charges for O.J., since allegedly guns were involved. Note that there was an unusual meteor hit causing a crater in Peru South America in September 2007, near the time OJ was arrested on these alleged robbery charges. This Peru South American meteor was claimed to give off fumes that made people ill there. So the OJ-meteor connection continued.
(8) October 3, 2008. Exactly 13 years after the Los Angeles Murder Trial Not Guily verdict, an OJ conviction in the Las Vegas Armed Robbery case. And the meteor event was a bright meteor that burnt up in the atmosphere over North Africa on Oct. 6 2008.
(9) June 11, 2010. 16 years after the Nicole Simpson murder, the robbery conviction in Nevada was appealed at the Nevada Supreme Court.

(10) October 1 2017. O. J. Simpson released from prison in Las Vegas after 9 years in prison for armed robbery. Note that October 8 a comet passed by visible from earth, and an asteroid passed near earth on October 12 2017.

Note that O. J.'s astrology chart associates him strongly with Jupiter, because his birthdate is close to a Jupiter station (where the planet astrologically appears to stop and change direction) in mid-Scorpio. Thor, the Scandinavian equivalent of Jupiter, had a hammer he threw at his enemies-- this hammer was believed to be fashioned from a meteor. Maybe this is the clue to the O. J. - meteor connection. Also, consider that as the meteor landed on October 3, 1996, a volcanoe erupted in Iceland-- Iceland's people are descended from Vikings, and Thor was the Viking principal god. Another way to look at this: O. J. in football was noted for his great speed, like a meteor. And Nicole sounds like "Nickel" -- one of the elements in Iron-Nickel meteors; also, iron is associated with the country Germany, and Nicole was of part-German ancestry. There is also a strong connection of O. J. and Nicole's astrology to the asteroid Pallas Athena, with Moon/Pallas conjunctions at birthdates for O. J. and Nicole. In Greek mythology, Athena was a warrior goddess. The equivalent in Teutonic mythology would be the woman warriors the Valkyries.
Since Nicole was born in Germany, I think Teutonic mythology is relevant. Nicole, blonde and athletic-looking, looked like she could be a Valkyrie, and Nicole's last name Brown sounds somewhat like Brunhilda, one of the Valkyries. So how about O.J.? O.J.'s first name, Orenthal, in short form would be Oren, which sounds like Odin, the Teutonic war/death god, descrbed in mythology as handsome and holding a spear (O.J. equivalent-- knife), riding a horse (remember O.J.'s famous ride in the Ford Bronco, and a bronco is a horse). Odin lived in a large hall (O.J.'s large house?), where the Valkyries would bring food and beer to Odin and his dead warrior companions. Brunhilda, one of the Valkyries, angered Odin, and he stuck her with a thorn, putting her into a deep sleep. So there appears to be a mythology parallel to the O.J. events.
So why all this importance to O. J.? Maybe the O. J. trials are a test for mankind and our legal system. Maybe the meteors are emphasizing this test for mankind.

Refer to my pages on the King James Bible Code, where a computer program is used to search for hidden messages in the King James Bible. The matrix below is on the O.J. Simpson case, and was a search for SIMPSON (ELS=14473), MURDER, JUICE, in the New Testament. O.J. was called "The Juice". Also note the words GREAT CITY (such as L.A.), BLOOD, ANGELS (L.A. is the City of Angels). It is from Titus 2:3 to Revelation 21:8.

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