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On this page of this site " Astrology for the New Age, Prophecies of the Future", there are some 2003 photos I took at Salem, Massachusetts, known as "Witch City", being infamous for the 1692 Witch Trials. Its "Witch City" theme has resulted in it being a very popular Halloween destination, and a New Age and pagan center. Salem is a major Eastern U.S. New Age center, Sedonna Arizona being the Western U.S. New Age center. And I think Salem is a powerful New Age energy vortex, especially at Halloween. Salem is also a National Historic Site, with a visitors center that is open year round. The city is busiest in the summer and fall, and attracts large crowds in October. You can go on an evening Ghost hunting tour, to see if your camera will pick up any of Salem's many ghosts that supposedly haunt it. And if you want to get a psychic reading, Salem is the place to go. There are also many museums, including the Witch History Museum and the Pirate Museum. Also shown below are some photos of Salem during Halloween on October 31 2003, and October 31 2004, including some spirit and ghostlike phenomena seen in some of these photos, often as strange orbs or spheres of energy. Salem photos by T. Chase.

Above: The House of Seven Gables Historic Site. Built in 1668.

Above: The "Witch House", home of the Witch Trial Judge Corwin

Above: A 2003 photo of Salem

Relative to the theories of this Revelation 13 site, note that it was 300 years from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials to the rise of the Antichrist in Russia, from 1991-2000, as Russian President Putin, probable Antichrist.

Below: some photos from Halloween in Salem on October 31, 2003

Note the "spheres of energy" seen in the photos below, maybe these spheres were spirits of Salem floating around. They were certainly not an artifact of my camera, since you don't see them in the other photo.

Photo taken at night on Halloween 2003 of the Old Salem jail which is said to be haunted. I wonder if the two lights at the bottom of the photo, and the strange dotted lights, are ghosts or spirits?

Photos of the Salem Old Burying Point Cemetary on Oct. 31 2003; note the photo below with strange lights above the tombstones, that could be spirit activity. Note the creepy looking tree in this graveyard.

Photos from Halloween Oct. 31 2004:

The Salem graveyard: note the spirit spheres above the graveyard. I used flash, apparently the flash of light makes the spheres visible.

Also note the spheres in the next two photos:

See this page on ghost photos at Gettysburg PA, the Civil War battle site.

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