Mysterious Places in Vermont: Lake Champlain and the Bennington Triangle

Here we will discuss Burlington Vermont and Lake Champlain, and Bennington Vermont and Glastenbury Mountain, continuing my discussion of power points and mystical sites places to visit related to the prophecy and New age theories of this site. Concerning Lake Champlain, its significance as a mystical place and power point relates to its supposedly being the home of a sea monster called Champ, said to have a long neck and horse shaped head, and being about 20-40 feet long. Champ has been seen several hundred times, the first time being by the French discoverer of the lake, Samuel de Champlain, in 1609. In 1977 Champ was photographed. Champ has been even reported to go on land on rare occasions. Champ has scared a lot of people but has never eaten anyone. Many scientists are skeptical of the existence of Champ, but there is increasing evidence that there is a family of Champs in the lake. My personal opinion is that there are probably 50 or more Champs in the lake, and they are probably a type of dinosaur that have evolved gills so they can stay underwater.
The prophecy significance of Champ relates to the Antichrist of Revelation 13 being described as a beast that rises out of the sea, like a sea monster like Champ, see this page. Below are some photos (photos by T. Chase, August 30, 2003):

Above: Photos of Lake Champlain, at Burlington Vermont. We went on the boat tour from Burlington; on the tour they said this rock in Lake Champlain in the second photo was considered to be a deity by the indians. We did not see Champ, however, although on the boat they said that once several years ago Champ had been spotted during the boat tour. If you visit Burlington, be sure to go on this boat cruise, and also visit the lake aquarium in Burlington to learn about Champ.

Above: a Catholic Church in Burlington. The bell in front of it is from a previous church that had been destroyed by fire.

Bennington Vermont is on Route 7 in Southern Vermont, and a few miles north of it is Glastenbury Mountain. Significant in Bennington's history was that there was a major battle in the Revolutionary War there, August 16 1777, that was a major defeat for the British; is commemorated by the Bennington Monument. Also, buried in Bennington is poet Robert Frost.
There is said to be a "Bennington Triangle", where people mysteriously disappear. From 1945 to 1950, 10 people disappeared around Glastenbury Mountain. It is also said that native indians had avoided the Glastenbury Mountain area, believing it to be inhabited by evil spirits. So that's why there is a legend of there being a Bermuda Triangle type of energy vortex there. Below are some photos of Bennington and Glastenbury Mountain I took on May 1, 2004. The only unusual thing I noticed is how the sun's rays were breaking through the clouds, as shown in some of the photos below. (photos by T. Chase, May 1, 2004):

Above: Glastenbury Mountain

Above: Photos taken in and near Bennington Vermont. The church shown is in Bennington.
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