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In 1998 there were two excellent movies on the subject of comets or asteroids striking the earth, "Deep Impact " and " Armageddon". In "Deep Impact", a comet is headed for the earth, and a spaceship is built to intercept it and blow it up, before an E. L. E. ( Extinction Level Event ) can occur, in other words, doomsday on earth from the huge blast of this impact. So, could a comet hit the earth? Or an asteroid or giant meteor strike planet earth? How realistic is this idea, is it possible or likely that a comet or asteroid could hit the earth in our lifetime, causing global destruction? The scientific answer is that it is possible that an asteroid or comet could belt earth, this explosive impact with our world causing global destruction, a nuclear worldwide firestorm, and later cutting off the sunlight similar to a nuclear winter, but the odds are so small that it is not worth worrying about. But there could be another factor, that I will discuss next: prophecies, in particular in Revelation and Nostradamus, that seem to describe an asteroid or comet hitting the earth, exploding against earth with tremendous destruction, resulting in worldwide floods and fire. And there have been close calls where earth was nearly hit by small asteroids, in recent years, where these asteroids could have struck earth with global effects. And on February 15 2013 an asteroid passed close to earth and a meteor hit in Russia, see below on these events.
On May 19,1996, a small Asteroid (between 100 and 300 meters wide) passed 280,000 miles from earth, which is a bit farther out than the moon. If it had hit the earth, it could have destroyed an entire state of the U.S., with an explosion larger than that of any hydogen bomb ever tested. And this asteroid was discovered only four days before it passed by earth.

In January 2002, an asteroid about 1000 feet wide passed by earth missing it by less than 400,000 miles. In March 2002, asteroid 2002 EM7 came within 300,000 miles of earth, a bit farther out than the moon, and it was about 200 feet wide. This one really gave the astronomers a scare because it was detected 4 days after it passed by earth, because it had come from the sun's direction, and therefore was coming from a direction where they cannot be seen because of the sun's brightness. And in July 2002, it was announced that asteroid 2002 NT7, detected on July 9 in New Mexico, could strike earth on Feb. 1, 2019, but later recalculations showed that it will miss earth. This asteroid has an orbital period around the sun of 837 days and 1.2 miles wide, giving it enough kinetic energy to be a doomsday asteroid. This asteroid is large enough do wipe out most of mankind. And a very dangerous asteroid about a half-mile wide (2002 NY40) passed by earth at 330,000 miles out on August 18, 2002. So it passed by earth at a bit farther out than the distance to the moon. If it did strike earth it would not be an ELE Extinction Level Event (ELE), but the impact and explosion could cause a major decrease in the human population and giant tidal waves that would swamp the coasts of the earth's continents.
And there are probably a lot of similar small asteroids that will pass close to earth, but they are unknown now and will likely only be noticed as they get close to earth. It could be that our solar system is now entering a region of space that is full of a lot of comets and meteors, so an earth collision soon could be more likely. What is needed is a major international effort to determine the orbits of small asteroids that could come close to earth, by using a network of telescopes around the earth. The more telescopes you use, and the larger they are, the faster this would be accomplished-- identifying and determining the orbits of these asteroids. The other thing that is needed is to develop a space intercept system, to intercept and deflect asteroids or comets headed for the earth, so they cannot impact and explode on earth. Unfortunately, there is no major effort to detect the asteroids, or to develop the interceptor system. However, NASA has developed the Deep Impact spacecraft, which arrived at and hit Comet Tempel 1 on July 4 2005; and when it hit it blasted a crater in it with explosive power equal to 4.5 tons of TNT. Deep Impact is a scientific mission to study comets, but it also developed and demonstrated some of the technology to blast off course a comet or asteroid headed for earth. But what should be done, is to fund NASA to develop a larger spacecraft on a faster schedule, to intercept and deflect a comet or asteroid headed for earth with a nuclear H-bomb blast. A spacecraft that moves really fast is need, to get there as soon as possible, to blast it off course before it gets near earth. The Deep Impact Mission was funded at about $300 million. So it seems that for a few billion $ NASA could develop an asteroid defense spacecraft with a nuclear weapon. You want to have several of the interceptor spacecraft, not just one, since the survival of earth is at stake. So I encourage everyone to contact their elected representatives on building an asteroid defense for earth; NASA could develop this spacecraft if they were funded to do it. What is also needed is a worldwide network of telescopes searching for and catalogueing the NEO (Near Earth Objects) asteroids and comets. Larger telescopes are needed than are presently used, and you need to have telescopes in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the Northern Hemisphere. NASA would also be the best organization to run this program. We need to detect, track, and predict the orbits of these NEO objects before they get near earth. A major worldwide effort is needed, with larger telescopes around the world, to find these large and small comets and asteroids. The present effort needs more funding, needs larger telescopes, and is mainly in the Northern Hemisphere.

Above: Deep Impact poster (Source: NASA)

Above: Deep Impact Flyby spacecraft (Source: NASA)

Above: Flyby spacecraft releasing the impactor to hit the comet (Source: NASA)

Above: Comet Tempel 1 orbit and Deep Impact(Source: NASA)

So the earth is now a "sitting duck" for an asteroid headed for earth, it probably would not be noticed until a few days before it hit earth.
Concerning prophecies, two types of prophecies seem to indicate that a major collision with earth is possible within the next 20 years. The prophecies of Nostradamus (the French prophet who lived several hundred years ago), in Cenury 1, Number 69, describes a mile-wide mountain hitting earth, destroying entire countries. Note this is the size of asteroid 2002 NT7, due to pass near earth in 2019.

Century 1, Number 69.

"A mile-wide mountain (asteroid) strikes earth
after there is peace, war, famine, and floods,
the asteroid strike causes widespread flooding of nations,
some of which are ancient."

And in the Bible's Book of Revelation (Revelation consists of prophecies of the future, it was written about 1900 years ago by John), in chapter 8, a mountain on fire is thrown into the sea, and a blazing star strikes the earth, poisoning the water on earth, and the sun is darkened. This is actually a vivid description of what would happen to the earth-- acid rain from the dust cloud would poison the rivers and oceans, and the dust cloud would cut off sunlight. Considering that the Book of Revelation was written 1900 years ago, it is remarkable how Revelation 8 describes an asteroid hitting earth and the resulting devastation.

Revelation 8:6-13, King James version:

"8:6 And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.
7 The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.
8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;
9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.
10 And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;
11 And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.
12 And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.
13 And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!"

Also, there seems to be a pattern that where asteroid collisions in the past have occurred, a "dark side" influence on human history emanates from these craters. For example, the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs millions of years ago is believed to have hit in the Yucatan of Mexico. The Mayan culture existed in that area, a brilliant culture but with a "dark side" influence, practicing human sacrifice. Possibly in 2300 B.C. a large meteor hit in Iraq, and we saw the evil influence there with Saddam Hussein. And in 1908 a meteor hit in Siberia in Russia, causing a large blast; the "dark side" influence then showed up in Russia with the rise of Communism, and the Antichrist may have risen to power in Russia as I explain on this page. Note that there was another major meteor strike in Siberia in Russia in 1947, the Sikhote-Alin meteor. In 1937, a 900 meter wide asteroid passed near the earth, and within a couple of years World War 2 began. I think the dark side or Satanic connection of comets or asteroids relates to Satan being represented as a star that falls from heaven in Revelation 9:1, which sounds like a comet or meteor hitting earth:

"9:1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.
2 And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit."

Therefore, if collisions with earth are not truly random, but are related to a satanic influence, then that could be a problem for us. Its even possible that a collision with earth could occur soon (within a few years), that is a hologram related to the rise to power of the antichrist. It is my opinion that there is another asteroid or comet headed for earth, that could hit earth.. Revelation 8 may be saying that more asteroids are passing by earth now and one may hit soon, and that is why there have been so many near-miss asteroids passing by earth in 2002. If this is the case then earth could be hit soon by a killer doomsday asteroid.
The recent interest in the Titanic ship disaster, with the success of the movie, may also relate to this subject. The Titanic sunk because it hit an iceberg, a large block of ice. Even though it was believed to be unsinkable. In a similar way, since a comet is a large piece of ice and rock, the earth could be destroyed by collision with ice, a comet. The interest in the titanic today may be a holographic event related to the imminent danger of a comet or asteroid hitting the earth. Like the Titanic, the earth is not listening to the warnings of the danger of chunks of ice. We received our warning with the July 1994 comet collision with Jupiter, it is not just coincidence that a comet collided with Jupiter then, it actually was a warning for earth of the destructive power of a piece of a comet; but little has been done to build a defensive system to defend the earth from comets and asteroids. The technology is available now to develop a system to defend earth from a comet that could cause an E.L.E. extinction level event. This could be a test for mankind - if we would listen to the warnings of Revelation 8 of an asteroid striking earth, then an asteroid tracking program and an asteroid defense could be deployed to stop an ELE asteroid from striking earth. I am very concerned that an ELE asteroid is headed for earth now, and that there will not be years of warning, there may only be days of warning between its discovery and when it collides with earth, causing an earth-destroying explosion.

I am also disappointed that the news media, television, newspapers, and magazines, do not take these recent asteroid near misses as a topic worth covering in depth, with stories about the dangers involved and the solutions. We hear endlessly on TV about other things that don't matter much, but when an asteroid near miss occurs it barely makes the news, if at all. I would think it would be an interesting news story. The news media could help wake up the world to this danger, but I guess the idea of asteroid collision is still considered to be a "crank" idea by the news media, even though it is considered to be scientific fact now that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid. Many of the news people ridiculed NASA's successful Deep Impact hit on a comet in July 2005 as a waste of money.

It the 1980s and early 90s there was strong scientific evidence discovered and discussed in the scientific community, that an asteroid had hit the Yucatan area of Mexico 65 million years ago, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Alvarez team of scientists, from the University of California at Berkely, identified the crater of the asteroid in the Yucatan, and estimated the asteroid size as 5-10 miles wide. The Alvarez team tracked Iridium dust in the rock deposits from that time, as evidence of an asteroid impact then, since Iridium is rare on earth but common in meteors and asteroids. Since then many more asteroid impact craters have been found on earth. These include the Woodleigh crater in Australia, which could be the asteroid that hit 250 million years ago during the Permian-Triassic era, causing an ELE. These mass extinctions occurred very quickly because the temperature of the atmosphere was raised hundreds of degrees by the energy of the blast, so the dinosaurs were roasted. Any animal life above ground was roasted within a day. Those living underground or in the oceans had to later contend with rocks raining from the sky, acid rain as acidic as battery acid. Then over the next years the sunlight was cut off by the dust in the atmosphere, and the earth went into an ice age, so those plants and animals that survived the fiery holocaust then froze to death in an ice age.

Those of you who read this, please write and email your political leaders to act on this and build an asteroid defense for earth before it is too late! So that 50 years from now, our descendants will not be living in caves on a destroyed earth, cursing our generation for not stopping the doomsday asteroid, when we had the technology to do so! A slight change in course, and the August 18, 2002 asteroid 2002 NY40 could have hit earth! The Deep Impact spacecraft successfully hit Comet Temple 1, blasting a hole in the comet, on July 4 2005. Unfortunately on the news some news people were saying that it was a waste of money; they should wake up to the fact that if a comet or an asteroid was headed for earth there is now no defense against it, and earth impact would mean Doomsday for mankind. But now NASA has shown the world that they can build a comet destroyer to defend earth. WHAT WE NEED NOW IS DEEP IMPACT II, A COMET AND ASTEROID DEFENSE; WITH TELESCOPES AROUND THE WORLD HUNTING FOR ASTEROIDS AND COMETS, AND MANY DEEP IMPACT SPACECRAFT TO DESTROY THEM WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS IF THEY HEAD FOR EARTH. THE EARTH MAY NOW BE IN DANGER BECAUSE OUR SOLAR SYSTEM MAY BE NOW APPROACHING A SWARM OF COMETS. BUT THIS EARTH DEFENSE PROJECT IS NOT FUNDED. NASA HAS SHOWN US THEY CAN BUILD AN ASTEROID/COMET DEFENSE; LET'S HOPE THAT THEY WILL BE FUNDED FOR IT SOON! AND A SUGGESTION: THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT ECONOMIC STIMULUS PROJECT, CREATING JOBS IN THE U.S., AND DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT FOR THE WORLD! FOR A FEW BILLION $ A SPACE DEFENSE COULD BE BUILT BY NASA!

A list of past ELE events, plus collisions with earth of comets, pieces of comets, asteroids, large meteors, planetoids and small planetary bodies:

250 million years ago. A comet or asteroid smashing into earth caused the Permian-Triassic ELE then, the worst ELE ever with 95% of all species of life on earth destroyed. The Woodleigh crater in Australia, more than 70 miles across, could be where it hit, although this is subject to debate. Or this could be the crater of the End of the Triassic ELE 200 million years ago.

200 million years ago. End of the Triassic ELE may have been due to an asteroid or comet impact, but the impact site is unknown.

65 million years ago. Chicxulub crater, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. An asteroid or comet 5 to 10 miles wide smashed into the earth causing the Cretaceous-Tertiary ELE and the extinction of the dinosaurs.

2300 B.C. (+- 1000 years). A large meteor hit in Southern Iraq, and this may have ended several civilizations existing in the Middle East then.

October 8, 1871. Two giant fires started on the same day in different states: the Peshtigo Wisconsin giant forest fire, that also spread to Upper Michigan, and the 1871 Chicago Fire. The likely cause of both was pieces of a comet hitting earth, in Chicago and Wisconsin.

June 30, 1908. Tunguska region of Siberia, Russia. A multi-megaton explosion resulted from a large meteor or a piece of an asteroid or comet exploding in the atmosphere. Trees were leveled for miles around.

Feb. 12, 1947. In Sikhote-Alin, in Siberia, Russia, near Japan. A large meteor broke up as it hit the atmosphere, spreading pieces of nickel-iron meteorite fragments over a wide area. A meteor fragment from it, and a meteor fragment from the Wolf Creek impact site in Australia, at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.:

Sept. 24, 2002. A meteor fall in Siberia, Russia, near Bodaybo and the and the Vitim River, that supposedly started a forest fire.

March 26, 2003. A meteor fall near Chicago, Illinois.

Sept. 27, 2003. A meteor landed in India, injuring two people and damaging several homes, in the province of Orissa, India. It was seen as a very bright fireball in the sky, with a very loud noise.

Jan. 2, 2004. A meteor strike in northern Iran, near the town of Babol.

Jan. 4, 2004. In northern Spain fireballs from a meteor or meteors were seen, and apparently some pieces reached earth; it must have been the breakup of a meteor.

March 18, 2004. A small 100 foot wide asteroid (2004 FH) passed very close to earth over the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, missing earth by about 26000 miles. This is about as close as they come without hitting. It would have made a big explosion if it hit, but no great disaster, unless it hit over a city.

April 1, 2004. A very bright meteor was seen in the town of Winton in Australia, causing a very bright light.

Sept. 29, 2004, Asteroid Toutatis passes by earth, a good distance away; but since it is a 3 mile wide planet killer, a reminder of earth's vulnerability.

Dec. 19, 2004. A meteor fall and explosion was reported in Jakarta Indonesia, just 7 days before the Magnitude 9 earthquake and tidal wave off Indonesia on Dec. 26, 2004, see this page.

Jan. 25, 2005. A meteor weighing ten pounds hit in Cambodia, South East Asia, in what used to be Khmer Rouge Communist territory, and it started fires in rice fields there. The local population saw it as a sign of peace in the world.

Dec. 4, 2005. A very bright meteor was seen in Perth, Australia that resulted in a loud sonic boom when it burnt up in the atmosphere. Relate this 12-4 meteor to Revelation 12:4: "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth..."

May 11-15 2006. Comet S-W3 73P, Comet 73P / Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, was seen in the sky, from May 13-June 6. It was closest to earth on May 13 and closest to the sun on June 6 (6-6-06!). Also, it is interesting that this comet was discovered by two German astronomers as Hitler was rising to power in Germany in 1930. There could be an Antichrist connection to this comet, with the Hitler discovery connection part of that.

January 29, 2008. Asteroid TU24 passes by earth outside the orbit of the moon at about 300,000 miles.

Oct. 7, 2008. A small asteroid burnt up in the sky over Africa.

Feb. 15, 2009. A bright meteor was seen over Texas.

March 2, 2009. A small asteroid 2009 DD45, approximately a hundred feet wide, passed by earth, missing it by about 40,000 miles.

Oct. 8, 2009. A meteor fireball had a large explosion in the sky over an island of Indonesia.

April 14, 2010. A bright meteor was seen that landed in Wisconsin in the U.S..

Sept. 8 2010. 2 small asteroids, under 20 meters in size, passed by near to earth.

Nov. 8, 2011. Asteroid 2005 YU55 passed very close to earth, .4 - 1.4 Lunar Distance. Its 130 meters wide, about 400 feet, so 120 Megaton estimated energy if it hit earth, so a very large H-Bomb size explosion. And it was 3 days before 11-11-11 (Nov. 11, 2011).

May 13 2012. An asteroid 40 feet wide passed near earth, only about 100,000 miles from it. Asteroids can be an evil omen, this could relate to worsening economic problems in Europe.

July 22 2012. Asteroid 2002 AM37 passed 3 million miles from earth, 3000 foot diameter.

February 15 2013. A small Asteroid 2012 DA14 passed very close to earth, about 20000 miles from it. And a meteor hit in Russia in the Ural mountains, hundreds of people were injured, an atomic bomb size explosion. Could a larger meteor hit soon? A space defense is needed for asteroids and meteors. Also relate this meteor hitting Russia to Revelation 9:1 ("a star fall from heaven") and Rev. 13:13 ("he maketh fire come down from heaven") and the Antichrist coming out of Russia as Putin. Note the last time a meteor caused an A-Bomb size explosion was 1908 in Russia, note that this was just before another Antichrist came to Russia with Communism. Strange that both events occurred on the same day, this indicates an Antichrist connection to the Antichrist Putin in Russia, which is why more asteroids may hit soon. The meteorite hit Russia on 2-15-13 at 9:20 AM local time. Note the numbers relating it to the Antichrist:
year: 2013, Revelation 13 about the Antichrist.
date: 2-15 is the 46th day of the year. Revelation 13: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man: and his number is 666." The number of man is 46, since man has 46 chromosones, also see the Greek page on it. The next day is 2-16, 216=6x6x6.
time: 9:20 AM local time. Revelation 9:1: "And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth". Revelation 9:1, 2 could indicate that the bottomless pit has been opened by this meteor hit in Russia, and much more volcano and earthquake activity could occur.

Feb. 16 2013. A meteor fireball was seen over California, could it be related to the meteorite that hit Russia?

May 31 2013. Asteroid 1998 QE2 passed 3.6 million miles from earth.

Nov. 29 2013. Meteor was aeen over Iowa.

Jan. 11 2014. Meteor fireball seen in the Northeast U.S..

May 3 2014. Asteroid passed about 200,000 miles from earth, it was a small asteroid about 20 feet wide.

Sept. 7 2014. A small asteroid, 2014 RC, passed by earth near New Zealand.

January 26 2015. Asteroid 2004 BL86 passes 700,000 miles from earth.

October 31 2015. An asteroid (2015 TB145) passes about 300,000 miles (outside the orbit of the moon) from earth, its over 1000 feet wide. What is very ominous is that this asteroid looks like a skull, and it passed by earth on Halloween! A very ominous sign that the Fourth Horseman of The Apocalypse Death could ride soon.

Feb. 6 2016. On February 6 2016 a meteor exploded in the South Atlantic Ocean, off Brazil, the biggest meteor explosion since 2013 in Russia. Could relate to the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil.

March 8 2016. Total solar eclipse over Indonesia and Pacific Ocean, 854 PM EST Tuesday March 8. And Asteroid 2013 TX68, about 100 feet wide, passes close to earth.

February 7 2017. Meteor fireball seen across the Midwest U.S..

September 1 2017. 2 mile wide Asteroid Florence passed near earth.

October 8 2017. Comet C/2017 01 ASAS-SN visible in the evening sky, passing by earth -visible with binoculars or telescope.

October 12 2017. Asteroid 2012 TC4 passed by earth, a near miss about 30000 miles from earth. It was 100 feet wide.

Dec. 17 2017. Asteroid 3200 Phaeton that is about 3 miles wide was 6 million miles away from earth.

January 16 2018. A meteor hit the ground in Michigan at night causing a 2.0 earthquake.

Feb. 9 2018. Asteroid 2018 CB passed close to earth about 40,000 miles from earth. About 100 feet wide.

Jan. 18 2022. Asteroid passed about 1 million miles from earth, it was about 1km wide.

March 25 2023. Asteroid passes between earth and moon.

NASA Near Earth Object Program, which tracks hazardous asteroids and comets that could endanger earth by possibly striking earth in the future:

See this page on King James version Bible code matrices on asteroids, which indicate a possible asteroid ocean impact, the asteroid splitting into 7 pieces causing 7 impacts.

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