The Big Dig -- The Central Artery project in Massachusetts -- an astrology, prophecy, and New Age analysis -- "The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions"

In Boston an underground central artery roadway has been built, "The Big Dig", at a cost of billions, which has been called by some "The Road to Hell" because the cost keeps growing (current estimate 14.6 Billion $ for the 7.5 mile highway, sounds expensive, doesn't it? And of course there is the issue of the Big Dig Route 93 Tunnel being full of leaks, and there is a concern that it could suddenly flood. It was originally proposed in September 1983 as costing 2.2 Billion $ and to be completed in 1995, it was supposed to be completed in 2005. Note that the cost has increased by a factor of 6.66, we will discuss the significance of that number (666- number of the Beast in Revelation 13) below. So the Big Dig has been a case of "The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions". The elevated highway the Big Dig will replace has been called "the green monster" and once was called "The Highway in the Sky", when it first opened.

Above: The Green Monster, the old Central Artery (Aug. 27, 2000)

I think the Big Dig "Road to Hell" disaster is a clue, a holographic parallel event, to a real "Road to Hell" for the world. Note that the Big Dig price tag has increased by a factor of 6.66, the Number of the Antichrist in Revelation 13. Note that the two planes that destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11 took off from Boston, the terrorists boarding the planes there with no problem, another meaning of the "Road to Hell" begins in Boston. September 11 began a series of events that may yet prove disastrous for the world.

And consider this Bible quote Job 2:2 (King James version): "And the Lord said unto Satan, From whence comest thou? And Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it." So that sounds like an underground traffic tunnel like the Big Dig: "going to and fro in the earth". So another "Road to Hell" explanation.

On the other hand, note that Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts is called "The Hub of the Universe": the American Revolution began there, John F. Kennedy was from there, medical advances and computer technology were developed there.
Another meaning of the "Road to Hell" being in Boston is that Cambridge, across the river, is a center for biological engineering, biotech including genetic emgineering. This could include engineering new kinds of plants and animals, such as giant fish that would help feed the world. There is also underway the identification of all the human genetic structure. If all the human genes were identified then good uses such as treating hereditary diseases would be possible. Abuse could also occur, such as Saddam Hussein producing clones of himself, and clones grown for spare body parts. Creating new kinds of plants or animals could upset the balance of nature. Super-intelligent people might be engineered, and those with genetic defects might be tracked in a database, their future limited by this genetic test. A new super-human race could even be engineered. A really scary Brave New World could result. Go see the movie "The Boys from Brazil", where Hitler clones are grown by Nazis, to see one scary possibility with cloning technology. Or genetic engineering of humans could even result in a new human sub-species, superior and more intelligent than human. The old humans would still be kept around, however, to work in assembly lines and pick up the trash. But a new human+ subspecies might be engineered that would have consistent genius I.Q., good looks, and perfect health. The fragmentation of the human species could result, and is in fact likely over time with genetic engineering, with humans becoming eventually slaves to human+. The wealthy could order tailor-made human+ children for themselves, possibly by having their own DNA modified into human+. Or some accidental virus might be created by genetic tinkering that could be a Doomsday Virus for humanity.
Also, another "Road to Hell" application of Genetic Engineering is that evil leaders such as Saddam Hussein might use genetic engineering for bio-warfare purposes, such as creating a more lethal Smallpox virus that vaccines cannot stop. This has been a real concern because it is believed that Saddam Hussein had been tinkering with Smallpox in his biolabs in Iraq; I discuss this on this page on Iraq. An unstoppable Smallpox, created by modifying the genes in Smallpox, could be a doomsday plague for the world to wipe out humanity.
Another "Road to Hell" connection of Boston is the development of what could be a "Doomsday Machine" in Europe. At CERN near Geneva Switzerland, on the French-Swiss border, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was turned on in 2009, see this page. The concern is that it being the most power nuclear collider ever built, it may create mini- Black Holes. Supposedly these will just disintegrate in what is called Hawking Radiation. On the other hand, Hawking Radiation is an unproven theory. The Black Holes could head for the center of the earth and grow there, eventually swallowing the entire earth, maybe in a very short time. Another possibility is that a strangelet or strange matter could be created that could swallow the earth. There are scientists who are knowledgable on nuclear physics who have concerns about building a "Black Hole" Machine at CERN.

Key Big Dig events, that events of the world may be hologram (parallel event) with:

Fall 1951. Boston Central Artery construction began, 1 year before Russian President Putin, possible Antichrist, was born in Russia on Oct. 7, 1952, 1 month before the first H-Bomb explosion.

Sept. 27, 1983. Governor Dukakis proposes the Big Dig, saying it will be completed in 1995 for $2.2 billion. Also in 1983, Vladimir Putin marries Lyudmilla, 8 years younger than him.

March 18, 1990. The largest art theft in history at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Paintings that were stolen included Vermeer's "The Concert" and three Rembrandts, including "Storm on the Sea of Galilee". That painting depicts a Biblical scene where Christ calms a storm on the Sea of Galilee. Perhaps this painting disappearing relates to a storm blowing up in the world then, related to the End Times events and the rise of the Antichrsit in Russia, the "Road to Hell" beginning.

Early 1992, Big Dig construction began. Parallel world event: Soviet Union dissolved, Russia and C.I.S. formed. The Russian beast is forming, the Road to Hell is started with the best of intentions.

December 1995, Ted Williams tunnel opened

May 28, 1999, above-ground Green Monster starts to collapse, repaired in 2 days

October 7, 1999, Leverett Circle bridge over Charles River opens, connecting to Route 93
(Note Revelation 9:3, "And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power")

Jan. 10, 2000. The first Fort Point Channel underwater tunnel section put in place today. Significant news event: Putin new Russian President on Jan. 1.

June, 2000. The cost estimate has increased to $13.1 billion. Note that in Revelation 13:1 the Antichrist rises from the sea, the sea being the sea of world politics. This could relate to Putin, possible Antichrist, in power in Russia.

Aug. 27, 2000. In Boston, near Haymarket Square, rising above the Big Dig construction are 2 giant cranes that look like 2 giant crosses over Boston. An ominous omen for the world? Note that there was a United Nations conference of religious leaders, the "Millennium World Peace Summit" that week (Aug. 28, 2000) in New York City. World religious leaders attended this conference, although the Dalai Lama, leader of Tibetan Buddhism, was unfortunately excluded from it because of Red China's influence. Note the pictures below of these "crosses" seen over Boston near Haymarket Square. Also, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in Israel was closed (by the Muslim clerics in Jerusalem) to non-Muslims in September 2000.

September 6, 2000. Another enormous construction project for Boston, the Boston Harbor cleanup, was completed today with the opening of the giant 9 mile sewage tunnel from the Deer Island sewage treatment plant in Boston Harbor, going out 9 miles into Massachusetts Bay. Treated sewage goes out through this pipe into the ocean.

December 31, 2000. The Big Dig was opened to the public for a tour of it during Boston's First Night New Year's Eve celebration. Thousands of people toured the Big Dig. Cost estimate is now 14 billion.

December 2001, I-90 connection opens linking Massachusetts Turnpike with the Ted Williams Tunnel.

April 20, 2001. The highest point of the Big Dig was installed at 1130AM EST today, a concrete cap on the top of a 320 foot tower that is part of the new 10-lane bridge across the Charles River. Note that today a large dust cloud that had orinated in Mongolia and Asia, passed over New England today. Also note that April 20 is Hitler's birthday. And Astrologically Saturn ("Satan") entered Gemini (from Taurus) today. And on the next day, April 21, 2001, a 41,000 ton, 423 foot long, concrete box that is part of the Big Dig was installed in place in the Fort Point channel, which was a major milestone for the Big Dig construction. So these two days saw major milestones for the Big Dig, both above and below ground.

June 6, 2001. 6/6/2001. The fifth and sixth tunnel box sections (the last two of six) are floated into place at Fort Point channel, part of six tunnel pieces that will connect the Massachusetts Turnpike and the Ted Williams Tunnel. A major Big Dig milestone occurring on the first 6/6 of the new millennium.

July 24-26, 2001. An eventful week for the Big Dig. The Central Artery "bottleneck" on I-93 North was eliminated to improve traffic flow, by the Big Dig new ramps. This traffic bottleneck had jammed up traffic for 40 years, where the Cental Artery narrowed to two lanes, so it was finally eased after 40 years. And the Big Dig estimated cost increased to 14.4 Billion $ (actually 14.375)on July 26.

Aug. 13, 2001. The Big Dig cost estimate climbs another 100 million $ to 14.475 Billion $, on this day that is the Berlin Wall's 40th anniversary.

Sept. 24, 2001. Fort Point Channel water leaks into the Big Dig have begun a major problem that could delay the Big Dig more and increase its cost more. Note that the September 11 Attack occurred near this time period, and the two planes that destroyed the World Trade Center took off from Boston, the terrorists having no problem getting on the planes there.

Jan. 17, 2002. The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, the showcase bridge of the Big Dig, was repaired, because previously concrete for a concrete beam in it had allegedly been poured incorrectly. Also, on Jan. 21, 2002, there was an appeal by Arafat to Russian President Putin to become involved in the Mideast Peace process.

January 22, 2002, it was announced that the Big Dig water leaks were plugged, that for 5 months had been a problem for underground construction. And on Jan. 25, 2002, the new Zakim bridge was lit up at night, very beautifully as shown in these photos, it having been essentially constructed. And on Jan. 22, 2002, Russia shut down TV6, the only remaining nationwide independent television station, as Putin increased his control of Russia in his effort to achieve a total dictatorship there. Note that the new Zakim bridge being beautifully lit at night adds a "City of Light" theme to Boston's skyline; also note that it is said in the Bible that "Satan comes as an Angel of Light", this may relate to Russian President Putin, who is the Antichrist, rising to prominence soon as a peacemaker over the next few years, possibly in the Middle East; and also this "Angel of Light" may relate to the appearance of Comet Ikeya-Zhang in March-May 2002. And note that Feb. 5, 2002 was the 40th anniversary of the Jean Dixon prophecy date (Feb. 5, 1962) related to the rise of the Antichrist.

March 8, 2002. The Big Dig cost rose another $162 million to $14.637 Billion. Relate this to Comet Ikeya-Zhang, the comet in March 2002 became visible, reminding one of the "angel flying in heaven" in this Revelation 14:6 passage (corresponding to $14.6 Billion cost):
"And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people"

Also note that in Greek, the original language of the Book of Revelation, 46 (as in 14.6) can be related to man, since "Adam" (the first man) in Greek totals 46 by adding up the letters which are also numbers, and also note that man has 46 chromosones, and it says in Revelation 13:18 that the number of the Antichrist is the number of man, and 666. So reaching 14.6 billion could be a key milestone on the "Road to Hell".

August 25, 2002. The Big Dig tunnel tour, where the Big Dig was open to the public to see part of the underground highway. Note that Aug. 17, 2002, asteroid 2002 NY 40 passed by earth at only 330,000 miles from earth, close enough to be seen with binoculars. Being about 1/2 mile wide, it is big enough to do tremendous destruction if it hit earth. This should remind people that the earth is vulnerable to a planet-destroying hit from an asteroid or comet. A space defense against asteroids needs to be built, but so far not much is being done in this area of earth defense against asteroids. So here we have another case of the "Road to Hell is paved with good intentions". Maybe "observing" the Big Dig this week relates holographically to earth "observing" an asteroid pass by.

Oct. 4, 2002 was the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge dedication ceremony; singer Bruce Springsteen performed at the ceremony. On October 6, the bridge was open to the public to walk across, and thousands of people did. Note that October 7 was the birthday of Russian President Putin, the Antichrist, and on that day it was announced to the world that a new small planet has been discovered beyond Pluto, called Quaoar, it being in the Constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder and Serpent, the serpent being connected with Putin.

Jan. 17-20, 2003. Opening of the first major underground segment of the Big Dig, a 3 1/2 mile road extending the I-90 Mass. Turnpike to Logan Airport, by connecting I-90 to the Ted Williams Tunnel. So you can now take I-90 all the way from Boston's Logan Airport, on the ocean, to Seattle Washington.

March 29, 2003. The Northbound lanes of the underground Route 93 segment were opened and the northbound side of the Zakim bridge opened, a major step for the Big Dig. Note a major event the world at this time was a spreading SARS disease epidemic, but SARS was stopped in July 2003.

July 12, 2003. The demolition of the old Green Monster elevated highway began today, with the beginning of demolition of the Leverett Circle ramp.

Sept. 11, 2003. At night a part of 93 North is detoured (for six weeks) as demolition begins on the elevated Central Artery. Note that this was shortly after the Aug. 27, 2003 closest approach of Mars to Earth, which I would associate with war, and trouble in the Middle East increased after that date.

Sept. 27, 2003. The 20th anniversary of the Big Dig proposal. On Sept. 27, 1983, Massachusetts Governor Dukakis (a later unsuccessful presidential candidate) proposed the Big Dig project, saying it could be completed for $2.2 billion; the cost is now 6.66 (Beast-number) times higher at $14.6 billion, and delayed 10 years to 2005. Note that on Sept. 26, 2003, a quartet of the U.S., Russia, China, and the European Community met at the U.N. to encourage a Middle East Palestinian-Israeli peace settlement.

Oct. 4, 2003. A new exit ramp was added for two lanes to exit the new Zakim bridge to the Tobin bridge, to reduce traffic backups. Note that at this time tensions increased in the Middle East following a Palestinian suicide bombing in Israel, and an Israeli air strike on a Palestinian terrorist training camp in Syria. And very significant in October-November 2003: giant forest fires in California at the end of October, giant solar flares Oct. 28 and Nov. 4, the Nov. 4 solar flare being the largest ever seen, on the day that Putin the Antichrist was in Rome. Also near this time: the beginnings of Facebook, originated in the Boston area, begun as its predecessor at the end of October 2003.

Dec. 6, 2003. The Big Dig opened Cross Street, a new street to improve traffic flow in the North End. Note the name Cross Street -- the word cross, as in the cross of Christ. Also on Dec. 6-7 there were Parliamentary elections in Russia that were allegedly rigged by a Putin controlled press, that increased Putin's control over Russia's parliament through his party United Russia. This is a critical step in Putin gaining dictatorial power over Russia.

Dec. 20, 2003. The Big Dig and Zakim bridge Southbound lanes were opened on the weekend of Dec. 19-21, see photos here of a ride through the just opened Southbound Central Artery Tunnel on Dec. 20 2003, and note that in these photos the top picture of entering the Big Dig, with the two green lights it looks like the green lights are the eyes of a serpent, and you are driving into the mouth of the serpent. This means that the Big Dig tunnel is like a giant two headed serpent.
Note that the planet Saturn representing Satan is at opposition, its brightest, and its highest point in the sky in 30 years,on Dec. 31 as the new year begins. Note that there were parliamentary elections Dec. 7 in Russia, and Putin is increasingly gaining dictatorial control of Russia in December, stomping on freedom of the press. Since Putin's visit to Rome and the giant solar flare on Nov. 4, Putin is increasingly making moves in Russia to give him absolute dictatorship there. Expect that to continue, with Putin eventually worshipped as a deity there. And in early 2004 there was the terrorist attack in Spain, and increased terrorism throughout the world in early 2004. This may holographically relate to the Big Dig Southbound tunnel opening.

Dec. 30, 2003. The first major section of the old elevated Central Artery was removed near Quincy Marketplace, near Faneuill Hall, resulting in a better view in that area.

Jan. 1, 2004. The Boston MBTA subway fare was increased from $1.00 to $1.25. Relate this to Revelation 12:5 where a woman is seen in heaven giving birth and a dragon is also seen in heaven, where the dragon would be the terrorism dragon, and the Satanic dragon of Putin in Russia. Note that in Feb. 2004 Russia had military exercises simulating nuclear war, a sign of the Putin red dragon in Russia.

Feb. 2004. Facebook began in the Boston area. Later to revolutionize the web, and to allow hundreds of millions of people to socialize and find each other. But also in the revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East in 2011, initially in Tunisia and Egypt, it was Facebook and Twitter that allowed the demonstraters to organize and communicate. It is likely that Facebook and Twitter were the key communication medium that allowed these demonstrations and revolutions to occur in North Africa and the Middle East in year 2011. This may be a case of "The law of unintended consequences", in that unexpected major consequences of events or changes can occur. Who would have expected that the invention of Facebook allowing millions of friends to communicate, could also be the communication medium that was used for demonstraters and revolutions in the Arab world in Tunisia and Egypt. And who knows what other countries will be next? An unexpected unintended consequence. So Facebook that has probably resulted in many thousands of lost friends finding each other and marriages, may also have helped bring about political change in North Africa and the Middle East, and reshaped the world economy and the balance of power in the world.

Aug. 28, 2004. A Boston Big Dig traffic pattern change: the Sumner Tunnel connecting East Boston and the North End began a six month lane restriction from two lanes to one lane, with the Cross Street exit closed, and a new exit to Government Center. Important to our discussion here would be the closing of the Cross Street exit -- (the Cross symbol). Also on Aug. 28, 2004: the Vatican returned to the Russian Orthodox Church (to the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow) a religious icon, the Mother of God of Kazan icon, that is associated with religious miracles by the Russian Orthodox Church. This may relate to Russian President Putin becoming the Antichrist; the Antichrist is expected to work miracles.

Sept. 15, 2004. A Big Dig tunnel leak flooded the tunnel. And that week Putin announced he wants to eliminate local elections in Russia, to increase his hold on Russia's government. This is the road to Putin becoming the Antichrist; first he must become dictator of Russia.

September 18, 2004. Hanover Street was extended through where the old Central Artery that had divided it. So the old elevated Central Artery had cut the main street going to the North End, for 50 years. So this opened an extension of Hanover Street from Cross Street to Blackstone Street, connecting the North End to City Hall. In terms of prophecy significance, this street extension with the Big Dig underground artery forms a cross, and it extends to Cross Street. So it seems to be about a cross forming in the Big Dig.

Oct. 20, 2004. The Boston Red Sox baseball team beat the New York Yankees to go to the World Series, ending the "Babe Ruth curse".

Nov. 10, 2004. It was reported that the Big Dig has many water leaks, that are letting water into the Big Dig tunnel.

Dec. 2, 2004. Another major Big Dig problem: another major flaw found in the Big Dig Route 93 tunnel wall. Major event in the world at this time: post-election chaos in the Ukraine, next to Russia.

Jan. 31, 2005. Big Dig tunnel flooded, when a pump broke down.

March 15, 2005. Ice has been falling off the Zakim Bridge.

April 5, 2005. Debris falls on an ambulance and some other vehicles inside the Big Dig tunnel. Also at this time: The Big Dig bridge opens 2 more lanes.

April 22, 2005. It is announced in a hearing that the Big Dig tunnel has an enormous number of leaks. Near this time: Putin visited the Middle East on April 27-29.

July 7, 2005. Its reported that the North End part of the Big Dig tunnel has more defects.

Nov. 1, 2005. A major disruption of Big Dig Traffic as a surface road paving project began in Boston.

Jan. 13, 2006. The last highway ramp of the Big Dig opened today, Exit 20B on Route 93 to Albany Street and the South End. This was a major milestone for the Big Dig since it is the end of major construction (except for the issue of tunnel leaks).

July 10, 2006. In a Big Dig I-90 tunnel a large plate of concrete from the tunnel ceiling fell on a car, with one death, a woman crushed to death. A major investigation resulted, and closure of part of the Big Dig for a while.

June 2, 2007. The final Big Dig section reopened today, after parts of the Big Dig had been closed following the July 2006 incident that resulted in a car being crushed.

December 31, 2007. The Big Dig is officially completed on this date. Could that relate holographically to the world population officially reaching 6.66 billion in approximately April 2008? And the rise of the Antichrist as Russian Prime Minister Putin? With the "Road to Hell" completed, will the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride throughout the world? Note the 3rd horseman economic disaster began riding in Oct. 2008 with the stock market chaos then.

Jan. 24, 2008. A settlement was reached with Big Dig firms.

July 26 2011. Big Dig light fixture problems.

August 11 2011. It was reported that at a sink hole has opened under the Big Dig tunnel. So concerns about the Big Dig tunnel structural safety. This could relate holographically to worldwide economic problems at that time in Europe and the U.S., possible sinking and collapse of the world economy.

April 5 2012. Its announced that: in the Big Dig tunnels, there will be replacing of all the lighting. Note that Putin was reelected Russian President on March 4 2012.

March 10 2014. Callahan Tunnel in Boston was reopened after being shut down for repairs.

Some photos:

Above: Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, part of the Big Dig project, during construction on Aug. 27, 2000

Above: The Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, lit up at night on Feb. 2, 2002. It was just lit up a week before.

Above: "Cross" of a Big Dig crane seen over City Hall and the John F. Kennedy Building, on Aug. 27, 2000

Above: Two "crosses" of Big Dig cranes seen over Boston, on Aug. 27, 2000

Above: Two "crosses" that are Big Dig cranes seen over Boston's Holocaust Memorial at Haymarket Square, on Aug. 27, 2000

Above: Two "crosses" of Big Dig cranes seen over Haymarket Square in Boston, on Feb. 2, 2002

Above: Three pictures of the Big Dig underground highway being built near Haymarket Square, taken on Dec. 31, 2000 during the Boston First Night Big Dig public tour. This underground highway was built below the above-ground Green Monster.

The Big Dig and the King James version Bible Code

The "Bible Code" is a way of looking for hidden prophecies and passages in the Bible, by using a software program to search for messages in the Old Testament Hebrew text. The spaces between words are eliminated, so that the Old Testament is a continuous block of Hebrew letters. Then, by skipping letters at a programmed interval, the program searches for words. There appear to be patterns to the passages where the words are found. See this page on the King James Bible Code where I discuss research I did on an English Bible code in the King James version Bible. Below I show two King James Bible matrices on the Big Dig, where the computer software looked for words in the English King James Bible. I have found that the Bible Code also works in English in the King James Bible. Look at the search words as well as other words and phrases in the matrix for meaning. This first matrix is a New Testament matrix at Mark 3:25 - Galatians 2:15. It used for search words:
-- BIG DIG (ELS skip = 53301)
-- BOSTON (found it backwards)
-- OSAMA (Two September Eleven planes having taken off from Logan Airport in Boston)
And also these relevant phrases are in the matrix:
-- THE DOOR (the door to these events?)
-- AND WHEN THE TIMES SHALL COME YE MAY REMEMBER (the End Times events described in the Book of Revelation)
-- THE MYSTERY WHICH WAS KEPT SECRET SINCE (from Romans 16:25 "...according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began."

This next New Testament matrix is at Matthew 5:30 - Luke 23:46. It used for search words:
-- BIG DIG (ELS=-31347)
-- BOSTON (found it backwards)
-- ROAD(as in "The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions")
-- WATER (Big Dig tunnel leaks)
And also other relevant words and phrases:
-- THE DEVIL SAID UNTO HIM ALL THIS POWER WILL I GIVE THEE (Satan's temptation of Christ in Luke 4:1-13)
-- THAT ENDURETH TO THE END SHALL BE SAVED (about the End Times events)
-- USA
-- WAR
-- THEY FEARED (about terrorism)
-- BRANCH (a Biblical word for the Messiah, Isaiah 4:2, Jeremiah 33:15-18)
-- PEARL (Matthew 13:46, the Kingdom of Heaven described as a pearl, and there are pearls on the New Jerusalem's gates in Revelation 21:21)
-- IN THE SUN AND IN THE MOON AND IN THE STARS (signs in the stars of End Times Events as discussed on this web site calendar and first pages)

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