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On the rest of this web site you can read about prophecies of the future based on Bible Prophecy, Nostradamus, and the King James version English Bible Code. Also I have many videos you can watch. I am somewhat of an amateur psychic, and I also have videos where I demonstrate psychokinesis powers by making clouds grow and disappear and controlling the wind. Here I have transcribed some of my channeling on various subjects.

Channeling on Ghosts, Aug. 29 2009

Ghosts are interdimensional spirits alive in the 6th dimension that is not visible. Later they go to a 7th dimension. They return eventually (reincarnation?). They are in a parallel reality to ours. (Note that String Theory in Physics says that there are 11 dimensions, 7 of which are not visible to us.)

Channeling on Dark Matter, Aug. 5 2009

What is the nature of Dark Matter? (Dark Matter in Astronomy and Physics, is invisible matter which holds the galaxies together in space. There has been much speculation on what it is by astronomers and physicists. There are dozens of theories on what type of nuclear particle is Dark Matter.) My channeling said: It is not a particle. It is a Force. The nuclear physics theories are not correct. Unknown force cohesion. Look at the Physics theory previously theorized. Lack of understanding. Not a particle, but force interaction.

Channeling on Aug. 8 2009

This is time to begin. Time to say what is to come. Look for the signs. Look for the coming. Look for the answers. They are all around you.

Channeling on Sept. 4 2009

What message have you for us?
Coming of the egg-man is imminent. Turning point in the world. Sky will brighten with signs. There will be 4 events to watch for around the world.

Channeling an important message of hope, Aug. 15 2009

Have faith. Do not lose hope. Much chaos to come. Have faith. It will be OK in the future. Death will ride. But hope is coming.

Channeling on Psychokinesis Weather Control, Aug. 2 and Oct. 4 2009

I have many videos where I demonstrate psychokinesis power of clouds, making them disappear or grow, and controlling the wind. I tried channeling on what is the nature of this force that allows one to control clouds and the wind. Of course, the scientists say that telekinesis mind over matter power is impossible.
The channelings said that: Many people can do psychokinesis weather control. This powers dates back to Neanderthal Man. Interdimensional energy by particles faster than light disippates clouds. Activated by the Cerebral Cortex. Travels in the 5th dimension to warp space-time. Many have the ability. It is a gene. A matter of focus. It has helped primitive man survive. A matter of focusing the power. A relatively small percentage have the gene, under 5%, and most of them never try to use it. It enables energy flow to the clouds, faster than light in the 5th dimension. The energy goes through another dimension of space-time, refer to String Theory on this. This is done by energy warp, by altering another dimension. This is how psychic phenomena works. The energy flow is in another dimension. The mind will power acts in another dimension you don't see. An exchange of nuclear particles in another dimension. But this ability is much more powerful in T. Chase, who has a much more powerful ability. Others it is much weaker in.

Channeling on UFOs, Aug. 16 2009

What is the nature of aliens and UFOs?
Aliens are real, for many years they have been around. Flying saucers are aircraft. Several species of aliens. They are watching earth to prevents its destruction. They will intervene if necessary. They are concerned over nuclear experiments to create new particles, that could possibly destroy earth.

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