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Could there be a bright comet soon?

On another page of this Revelation 13 site, I discussed how I thought there could be another bright comet in the next few years, as bright as comets Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake. I relate this to the April 11 1997 fire that the Shroud of Turin narrowly escaped, which was also near the time of peak brightness of Comet Hale-Bopp, with the Shroud of Turn being supposedly the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The Shroud is kept in a cathedral in Turin, Italy. When the Shroud of Turin narrowly escaped a fire on December 4, 1532, there were seen three bright comets in the years 1531, 1532 1533. I think these three comets in 1531-1533 represented the Holy Trinity -- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. And at that time there was a major upheaval in Christianity, the Protestant Reformation begun by Martin Luther, and this was shortly after the defeat of a Moslem invasion of Europe at Vienna Austria in October 1529. And therefore will three bright comets be seen during the years near the recent Shroud fire? There have been only two bright comets, Hale-Bopp and Hyakutake.

So will another bright comet be seen soon? If another bright comet is seen in 2023 - 2030, then these three comets of the new Millennium may represent, rather than the Holy Trinity, the Unholy Trinity of Satan and his two sons the Antichrist and the False Prophet (as described in the Bible's Book of Revelation chapter 13).

Also, in late 2002 and early 2003 there was a barely visible Comet NEAT (C2002 V1), which was discovered Nov. 6, 2002, at the time SARS disease started in China. On Feb. 18, 2002, Comet NEAT was hit by a giant solar flare from the sun, as photographed by the SOHO solar satellite, when it was near the sun, at the time SARS started spreading more. See the SARS page and my discussion of why SARS may be related astrologically to Comet NEAT.

SOHO photo of Comet Neat blasted by a solar flare on Feb. 18, 2002
Source: SOHO (ESA & NASA)

So, could there be another bright comet in 2024 - 2030, as bright as Comet Hale-Bopp, and could this be another comet that is not yet discovered that will be the bright Millennium comet? We will have to see.

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