Dream Log
Dreams I have had

On this page of the Revelation13.net web site, I have a log of dreams I have had. Who knows, they may reveal future events.

Sept. 28, 2009. There were some crystals on a table. I used telekinesis to make one rise off the table into my hand.

Oct. 15 2009. 5 AM. We travel back in time, such as to the 1950s. Then I realize we can't use our present time money there.

Nov. 7, 2009. 7 AM. I perform before a crowd. I don't know if it's psychokinesis or what that I do. (Refer to my psychokinesis videos).

Nov. 23, 2009. The U.S. has a tense near nuclear standoff with another nuclear power, like the Cuban Missile Crisis. People wait to see if missiles are launched. There is a special communications channel, to see what is happening.

March 15, 2010. A scary dream. People including myself are demonstrating psychokinesis powers. I'm able to move an object up to my hand with my mind. Some scary young people are also demonstrating psychokinesis powers.

June 2, 2010. There is a battle in a land war going on.

Sept. 15 2010. I was going to do my magic tricks, psychokinesis, before an audience and have it filmed. Not sure what trick I did, but I had a volunteer from the audience for it.

Nov. 9 2010. An Atomic Bomb goes off in the distance, I get behind something to block its flash from me.

Nov. 25 2010. I was in this place where there were crystals and rocks under glass. I could make the crystals and rocks move by psychokinesis, by focusing on them. Maybe disappear also.

Dec. 28 2010. Had a dream where I could make objects rise by psychokinesis. I wore a PK watch. I made objects rise in a hotel, then I ran out.

Feb. 9 2011. I'm floating above the ground near the cieling, almost touching the cieling. Someone else showed me how to do this.

Dec. 11 2011. A galaxy to the Southwest, we are connected to and communicate or get power from it. See this page.

May 2 2012 I go to England. There is an estate there. A question of who will inherit it. A relative of a relative lived there.

May 19 2012. A dream of energy generation, power generation.

May 29 2012. In my dream I had psychokinesis powers where I could move objects by mind power. I felt like a rush of power go into me, and then I could do this.

August 7 2012. Something about new technologies and sources of power.

August 17 2012. We built a time machine. We were going to demonstrate it at a conference.

August 24 2012. A spacecraft is launched from earth, going to the planet Saturn. I'm not the person in it, someone else is.

Feb. 9 2013. I was moving objects by psychokinesis, there were people in the room who were amazed by it. I made a breeze blow upwards in the room. And moved an object across the room.

July 23 2013. A scary dream about a spreading deadly virus.

May 21 2014. I was taking pictures of the sky, controlling clouds, and someone stopped by and asked me about it.

June 21 2014. Some alien spores, or alien stuff, was growing in the basement, and I couldn't get rid of it.

September 21, 2014. A lot of meteors or asteroids going by earth, you can see them in the sky at night.

October 16 2014. I have psychokinesis powers, where I can make small objects rise and float in the air.

Nov. 13 2014. I could melt snow on a hillside by pointing at it, by psychokinesis.

Nov. 17, 2014. Someone from a national news show interviewed me talking about a comet.

March 11 2015. I was on a large jet plane and it was moving expensive things, that I think are gold. Suddenly robbers are on the plane to rob it. And then in the distance an A-Bomb goes off.

May 17 2015. I gave a public talk about Russian President Putin being the Antichrist.

May 19 2015. In my dream I had a device with a light beam, and a device you look through and see things.

Jan. 20 2016. I was able to move objects (such as a stack of magazines on a table) by mind psychokinesis power.

September 21, 2016. Some kind of a disease plague wipes out everyone, but a few survivors. I'm one of the survivors, walking through the city.

August 21 2018. I had a 12 inch diameter light weight spinning ball, throw it, and it returns or flies off, follows directions and returns.

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