Places to visit-- cathedrals, churches, New Age sites, Mystical Places and Sacred Sites

Some recommended Mystical Places and Sacred Sites, and places to visit, relevant to the New Age/Bible Prophecy ideas, and New Age Geography and Geographical Coordinates ideas, expressed on this Revelation 13 web site. I also think that these places may be "energy vortexes", as Sedona Arizona is said to be, where there is a positive energy which can help you physically and spiritually, by visiting them.

(1)Washington D.C., National Cathedral: If you travel to Washington D.C., don't miss going to the National Cathedral. It is run by the Episcopalian Church, which is appropriate because they are in a middle ground between Catholic and Protestant. But they have made this a truly American church open to all faiths, they are the caretakers of what is meant to be a truly National Cathedral. Some branches of American Christianity appear to be very open to the idea of a universal religion and respect for other faiths, particularly the Episcopalians and the Universalist/Unitarians. The National Cathedral is one of the 10 largest Cathedrals in the world.

(2) New York City: Another even larger cathedral is the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. Be sure to visit it if you go to New York City.

(New York City photos by T. Chase)

It is still being built, they need another 50 years and many millions of dollars to finish it. It was somewhat damaged (in the gift shop) by a fire on December 18, 2001. It is 600 feet long, and they have been building it for a hundred years, one stone at a time, as the great cathedrals were built in Europe. It also is an Episcopalian Cathedral, but like the National Cathedral it is open to all faiths including New Age, it has a crystal exhibit for New Agers and also American Indian objects. This Cathedral is dedicated to St. John the Divine, the author of the Book of Revelation, who may or may not have been the same John who was Christ's disciple. I would believe it is the most important church in the world because it is dedicated to the author of the Book of Revelation, John. A good place to visit, and if you can then please contribute to helping them build it.

. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine was damaged by a fire that destroyed the gift shop,

the above photo was taken in late December and shows the fire damage to its gift shop. Possibly the "New Jerusalem" in the Book of Revelation may be in New York City, with this great cathedral there, and also the United Nations building. While you are in New York City, I would also visit St. Patrick's Cathdral,

a Catholic cathedral in downtown New York City.

Note that near St. Patrick's Cathedral is a building (at 666 Fifth Avenue) with a prominent 666 on it, that can be seen from the cathedral,

and the nearby Episcopalian St. Thomas Church you can also see the "666" from.

And also the New York City subway token has a pentagon in the center of it (the pentagon having New Age and occult significance). I think that New York City may be the New Jerusalem described in the Bible's Book of Revelation, and the former World Trade Center was the two candlesticks that are destroyed by the Beast from the Bottomless Pit, as I explain on this page on September 11.

The New York City skyline before September 11:

And in November 2001:

See more on New York City on the this page has more New York City photos, including of St. Paul's Chapel near Ground Zero which miraculously escaped damage from September 11.

(3) Sedonna, Arizona. New Age center for the U.S. Very beautiful Red Rock country, and there are said to be "energy vortexes" there. Sedona is a gathering place for New Agers in the U.S.. About a 2 hour drive north of Phoenix. There is a chapel there in a beautiful setting overlooking the red rock country. A good energy place. See my pages on comets and geographic coordinates on Arizona and New Mexico.
Some photos of Sedona

(4) U.S. Virgin Islands - St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John. This location is significant to the geographic coordinate patterns discussed on this page. The U. S. Virgin Islands are discussed, along with my photos, on this page.

(5) Bermuda is also significant to the geographic coordinate patterns, with the important 32.5 degrees North coordinate near it. Some photos of Bermuda (1975) :

(6) Los Angeles. The "City of Angels" is also significant to the geographic coordinate patterns. Note that L.A. and New York at opposite sides of the U.S. are like "poles of a battery".

(7) Gettysburg PA. Where this country was saved in 1863.

(8) Vermont: Lake Champlain in Vermont, where a sea monster called Champ is said to be seen, and the "Bennington Triangle", see this page.

(9) Maine: The Maine coastline has many beautiful places to visit, see this page for photos and discussion of Ogunquit and Kennebunkport. And this page has photos of Mt. Katahdin, Maine's sacred mountain.

(10) Massachusetts: Salem is known as "Witch City", and is the place to go during Halloween; it is a major New Age center, and I think it is a powerful energy vortex. This page has some photos of Salem, including Halloween October 31, 2003 photos that show some spirit or ghost activity. Also, see this page on Concord, which I think is a positive energy vortex. There is a page on Newburyport and Plum Island. In 1980 a giant squid washed ashore in Plum Island. I discuss Lord Timothy Dexter, self-appointed aristocrat and philosopher of Newburyport around 1800 A.D.. Also, see the pages on Dogtown (an abandoned ghost town that once was inhabited by witches) in Gloucester, High Rock in Lynn, and Cape Cod. The Bridgewater Triangle is in Southern Massachusetts; a spooky area where Bigfoot, giant snakes, thunderbirds, etc., have been seen. (I am not joking! The Northwest does not have a monopoly on Bigfoot sightings).

(11) This page on Rhode Island has photos at the Mount Hope Indian memorial sacred site, where Indian leader King Philip was killed during King Philip's War in 1676, and of the Viking Tower in Newport.

(12) Virgin Mary images in Milton Mass. and Clearwater Florida are discussed (with photos) on this page.

(13) Greece, The Oracle of Delphi. This was the sacred place of the Ancient Greeks, near Mount Parnassus, where a prophetess would recieve prophecies from the Greek deity Apollo (700 B.C.-200 B.C.).

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